Home Care Serivces

Service Options

Service Options

15 Point Service

1.Adjust, Tighten, Lube Hinges & Knobs (Int.& Ext. doors), adjust threshold on Ext. doors (if adjustable).
2.Check All Operable Windows to Make Sure they are Working Properly, check screens for repairs (repairs are addition cost)
3.Check GFCI Outlets to make sure they are working Properly
4.Change Furnace Filter, (owners supply filters)
5.Check for Leaking Faucets & Clean Faucet Aerators, if needed.
6.Vacuum/Dust Bath Fans
7.Dust Ceiling Fans
8.Vacuum Heating & Cooling Vents
9.Check that Toilets are Working Properly
10.Check/Test Smoke & CO2 Detectors are Working, Replacement Batteries $5.00 each.
11.Check Dryer Vent for air flow. If Cleaning is required $10 per lin. ft.
12.Change Light Bulbs, up to 5 each time. Ceilings 10' High or less. (owners supply Bulbs)
13.Check Stove Hood Exhaust Fan & Clean Filters, Up to 2 each time.
14.Check that the Sump Pump is working. (if accessible & not in use for radon mitigation)
15.Check water softener/salt level and replenish salt if needed (owners supply)

1 service professional- 2 hrs or 2 service professionals- 1 hrs

25 Point Service

1.Up to 30 minutes of handy man services i.e. hang pictures, caulking, cleaning, furniture moving, etc. (weight max of 60 lbs.) (owner to supply all materials required to do the project)
2.Clean Bathrooms, Kitchen Sink & Shower Traps
3.Vacuum refrigerator coils, if possible/will not remove refrigerator
4.Exterior visual inspection of house, for any needed repairs, etc...
5.Gutter cleaning up to 70 lineal feet/10ft high or less
6.Visual check of attic (insulation, frost, etc....)
7.Tighten/Adjust, drawers, doors, cabinet handles
8.Install & remove screens as needed annually (H.O.'s to provide storage space)
9.Caulk around tubs/sinks as needed (max.3 fixtures)
10.Check weather striping on exterior doors and overhead doors

1 service professional- 3 hrs. or 2 service professionals- 1.5hr

30 Point Service

1.Up to 60 minutes of handyman services (as included in option 2)
2.Clean light fixtures (includes 5 fixtures) 10' high ceiling or less
3.Check Fire Extinguishers for Expiration Date. Fire Blankets available at $25.00 each.
4.Check & Clean Dishwasher Drain Screen, Up to 2 each time.
5.Check that Outside Hose Faucets are Working Properly, up to 2 each time.

1 service professional- 4 hrs. or 2 service professionals- 2 hrs

35 Point Service

1.Exterior Concrete crack filling (max. area included 1200 sg ft., 100 lin. ft. and up to ¼" fractures)
2.Power washing exterior surfaces, vertical or horizontal (up to 1500 sg ft area)
3.Seasonal Decorating
4.Install garage/closet shelving (materials not Incl.)
5.Clean fireplace glass

1 service professional- 6 hrs. or 2 service professionals- 3 hrs.